Natalia Siwiec is Polish – you know, from that country with the most beautiful and hot girls in the world, at least that’s what she thinks (and we have to agree). The sizzling Polish goddess made Euro Cup 2012 fans drool as the bounce of her bosom distracted from the balls on the pitch. This bombshell soccer sex kitten is enough to make you miss the next goal while you daydream about a different kind of scoring play. Without further ado here’s Natalia Siwiec’s exclusive interview with our friends at His Potion and photo gallery. [See & Read More]

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She does, quite literally, say it on her Twitter page — the most recent entry at this hour is “Happy new year! All the best". So she does, and we do, wish you a happy 2013. But in a more specific sense, the vision of Natalia Siwiec in this line of underwear tells you that this year, which is very new at this moment, ought to be a happy one. She’s wearing the 2013 Alles Lingerie Glamour Collection, and to us it is a signifier and harbinger of abundance. [See & Read More]

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