You really can read it for the articles. A new iPhone app from Playboy forgoes the racy photos of beautiful women that the men’s magazine is famous for in favor of the other content readers might have skimmed past: lifestyle articles about travel, clothes, food, booze and more. "Our new app brings the best of Playboy with original, thought-provoking and enticing bite-sized content that captures our design-driven and discernible style," said Scott Flanders, CEO of Playboy Enterprises. "We've rebuilt Playboy for iPhone from the ground up to attract the new generation of Gen Y fans who enjoy the indulgences of the artisanal good life and modern culture." Download it for free here. Enjoy.

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Hiding your TV in kitchen island can be an easy solution to your kitchen entertainment challenges. At the touch of a button you can silently lower a hidden TV into view and gain instant access to all of your favorite shows while cooking. With Nexus21’s kitchen lift capacity of up to 250 pounds, kitchen designers are now able to fully utilize the lost storage space on your kitchen island, in commonly unused corners and in kitchen islands. Bon Appétit!

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The menswear designer Asher Levine has a plan to install GPS technology into your clothing so you never lose a hat or scarf in a cab again. The techology element is a small dog-tag sized device that is slipped into a piece of luggage, gloves, or other clothing that tracks with GPS through an app on your smartphone. If your coat or gloves gets more than 30 feet away from you, your phone starts beeping. The Tracker app, made by Phone Halo, is already available for purchase for things like keychains and other valuables.

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Less standalone player and more PS3 with the gaming part thrown out, the Sony S5100 Blu-ray Player ($TBA) is set to become the centerpiece of your home theater. Sporting a sleek, angular design, it offers 3D playback support, built-in Wi-Fi with improved range, access to more than 100 apps and services, including Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube, Slacker, and more, compatibility with the TV SideView app that lets Android and iOS users control the box from their device and "throw" content from the device to the player, and NFC technology for doing the same thing without the need for a separate app. Coming this spring.

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Autonomous cars, and the technologies that drive them, are the rage at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Aside from the gnawing fear and insecurity such cars instill in the pit of your stomach, they're pretty cool--as this Audi Piloted Driving demo proves. Here, you'll see a car drive itself into a parking garage, find a spot, and park itself--perfectly. Then, to put the icing on the robotic overlord cake, a simple nudge from a smartphone app calls the car back to pickup its owner. Enjoy.

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