Alan Caruso

Alan Caruso

If this holds up, we'll have our flying cars sooner than later: Samsung has announced that it will commence production of the world's first commercial "bendy", ultra-thin smartphones. The news add to rumblings in the technosphere that Samsung is also gearing up for the imminent reveal of what it calls an OLED display screen at next year's Consumer Electronics Show in January. Unlike your by-now ubiquitous LED screens, OLED displays actually generate their own light source. What this built-in luminosity means is designers can do away with glass entirely: an OLED screen can be made of just about anything, from metal foil to polymer plastic.

The Rapide was already one of the fastest four-doors around, but if the standard model didn't quite do it for you under the hood, meet the Aston Martin Rapide S ($TBA). Still powered by a 6.0L V12 engine, the S offers 550 hp — 80 more than the prior version — and boasts a 0-60 mph time of 4.7 seconds and a top speed of 190 mph. The car also sits 19 mm lower than before, and thanks to a new Adaptive Damping System, can ensure you've got the right suspension setup for the a typical drive, a sporty drive, or the track. Thankfully, however, the sleek body has barely been touched, with a larger single grille and tweaked decklid rounding out the changes.

The design of vehicles today must be compromised with rigorous government regulations and approved by a CFO, there was once a day when a coachbuilder could develop the most outrageous vehicle and it would hit the road. Petrolicious visits James Chen, car enthusiast and president of Axis Wheels, to examine his Lamborghini Countach 5000QV, only one of 676 ever made. James explains the super-car’s design and why you will never see another new vehicle built exclusively for it's style. Enjoy.

Making the question of what your poison of choice is all the more fitting, plonk an artfully sculpted skull-shaped ice cube ($12 USD) for a surefire conversation-starter to a house party. Made of flexible non-toxic plastic, fill the molds with plain water (add food dye if this is an adult bash), stash it in the freezer and voila. Fancy faceted skull cubes that really look quite artistic and beautiful, in a Damien Hirst kind of way. A brilliant addition to your kitchen if you're a frequent party host. Available for purchase online at Gamogo.

Don't thank us, thank our friend over at ACEOFLA for this sexy video of Vivian Kindle, the beautiful 24-year-old model originally from Bellingham, Washington. The spokesmodel for Firestarter Vodka has appeared in magazines like Shy’s November 2009 issue, Strobe, American Curves, Rosebud’s July 2010 issue, World Physique’s August 2010 issue, Krown, and Jetset’s July/August 2010 issue. This is one Kindle you’ll never want to put down, checkout the visuals above and hit the jump for more photos. Enjoy. [See & Read More]

IWC has just unveiled the flagship model of the Ingenieur collection, the IWC Ingenieur Constant Force Tourbillon. This big and bold watch features a 46mm platinum and ceramic case housing IWC’s caliber 94800 movement with patented constant-force mechanism integrated within the tourbillon. The dark dial features a moon phase display in the top right and a power reserve on the bottom right with the tourbillon visible on the left side. Finishing off the watch is a black crocodile leather strap. The watch will be available soon for $290,000 USD. [See More]

In an effort to attract a younger crowd, Mercedes-Benz recently hired the young and very hot Kate Upton for a new Superbowl ad. Although you'll have to wait for the game to see actual ad aired, they've released a teaser that has Upton seeing to the proper cleaning of the smaller, cheaper version of their CLS-Class, the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA. Watch the teaser above and keep an eye out for a hilarious twist on the "hot girl car wash" idea mid-way through. Enjoy.

Watch as creative director of Makers & Brothers, Jonathan Legge, cooks a Winter Salad with Wood Pigeon. This bright salad is guaranteed to make you feel better during a season devoted to foods that are either meat or beige. Click here for the full recipe from Mr. Porter. Enjoy.

Each treat from Xocolatti is a tiny treasure. Founded by the 24-year-old entrepreneur Shaineal Shah, the Manhattan boutique creates sparkling purple passion-fruit truffles and slates of white and dark chocolate dusted with rose petals and pistachios, among other handmade confections. All truffles are available in 9- and 16-piece boxes ($29 and $50, respectively) and slates are priced at $50 per pound.

Despite how much we’d all like to be considered the life of the party, few of us are. And if you’re not one of those naturally outgoing, outspoken, confident, witty, intriguing people—with just the right amount of verbal explosivity—you might end up stopping that party dead in its tracks if you try. Amy Fay doesn’t have to try. Even working alongside some of the prettiest faces in Southern California, her stand-out persona and flare lit up the room the first time we met. [See More]

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