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I'm Anthony, from L.A. -- love supercars (favorite Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4), fine dining and island resorts. Email me at

All we can say when confronted with this inconceivably awesome contraption is this: we really, really want one of these in our boudoir. A bespoke offering by aquarium specialists Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, the custom headboard ($11,500 USD) will be built around the upper half of your bed, so you get to gaze at your little Nemos while you drift off to sleep. There's not much else to add, really, except that the tank can accommodate at least 650 gallons of water, and that former NFL player Chad Ochocinco is rumored to have had one installed in his room. See how the bed looks like in action (keep your mind out of the gutter, please) after the jump. [Watch More]

Lisa Ramos got her start on America's Top Model and she's just starting to hit the big time. If she looks familiar, but you're not quite sure from where, don't worry, you're not alone. The piece to the puzzle you're missing is Lisa's dance partner in crime, Melanie Iglesias, who, with Lisa, filmed a rebuttal to Kate Upton's Cat Daddy video. Lisa's also responsible for one half of the hottest photo galleries we have ever seen. When not bustin' a move in front of the camera, this New York native can be seen dishing out advice to the clueless men of the world on MTV2's Guy Code. A hot woman with dance moves and helpful tips, what's not to like? [See Photos & Video]

The Emporio Armani menswear collection for next winter is upbeat. More than for the young, the second line collection is in itself young. The winter style is "very, very Armani," the designer told reporters after the show held in his modern downtown Milan headquarters. The collection's trump card is selecting iconic styles from the male wardrobe — an overcoat, a pea jacket, or a tuxedo — and refashioning them in the latest high-tech materials. Enjoy.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but on the Starz series Spartacus: War of the Damned, it's served smokin' hot. Sexy co-star Cynthia Addari-Robinson (Naevia) was nice enough to tell us about the final season of their sword-, sandal-, and sex-filled show... without kicking our butts. [Read More]

We do so love Playboy Playmate Kylie Johnson. Sultry, mysterious, and most importantly, wicked hot in these photos. Our friends at Playboy just released online Kylie's infamously fantastic photoshoot and it is steamy jungle-hot. Well maybe not a real jungle, but the sweat we're feeling is quite real, as is the zing you will experience checking out Kylie. It's all kinds outdoorsy fun. [See More]

"Don’t be alarmed if I make any sudden movements during the flight," says my helicopter pilot as I take the seat next to him on a piercingly bright morning at Frégate Island Private. I nod hesitantly in response to this introduction, just before the tiny aircraft lurches upward, prompting a flurry in my stomach. "There are many birds in the Seychelles," he elaborates, perhaps noticing the stiffness in my posture, "and they haven’t yet learned to fear the chopper." [See & Read More]

You should already know by now what to expect when you see the Kaloopy name. Model Christine Ria bounces around in a tiny tank top for another Kaloopy Media stop motion photography video. Checkout the visuals featuring music by David Hopper and subscirbe to the YouTube channel here. Enjoy.

Having a bad day? New Victoria’s Secret model Katsia Damankova from Belarus will get you through the day. While completing homework in a café one day, she was approached by an agent from Select in London and officially began her path as a model. Thank GOD for that man and his eye for talent, checkout all her amazing assets after the jump. [See More]

Their clients want to feel at home even when they are 40,000 feet in the air, so private-jet interior designers create cabins that reflect the owners’ tastes and address their desires in terms of accommodations and conveniences. The challenge for designers is to do so while working with limited space and using material and equipment that are lightweight (so that the aircraft remains as fuel efficient as possible), resistant to burning (the FAA has strict requirements), and durable (aircraft repairs are pricey). [See & Read More]

Though coming to a quick end in the playoffs, Andrew Luck had a season unlike any rookie quarterback in NFL history for the Indianapolis Colts. He set numerous rookie records, led the team from a 2-14 season to 11-5 on the strength of a record-tying seven game-winning drives and showed veteran poise in carrying the Colts to unforeseen heights. Despite handing the ball off a lot in his Stanford days and coach Chuck Pagano’s preseason talk of ground-and-pound, Luck was the Colts offense this year. [See & Read More]

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